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VDL Defence Technologies


VDL Defence Technologies is the leading knowledge and expertise centre when it concerns integration projects for the defence and security sector. VDL Defence Technologies is a cluster of several VDL companies that work closely together. You can find a list of the VDL companies that the cluster works with most often on the contact page .

The specific strengths and skills of these different VDL companies are combined to deliver the desired final product. Thanks to this unique network in different fields of expertise, all-inclusive care and management can be guaranteed. VDL Defence Technologies is the central point of contact for the complete life cycle management.



Some of our VDL partners:

VDL Bus Chassis B.V.




VDL Bus Venlo B.V.



VDL Parts B.V.



VDL Containersystemen B.V.



VDL Staalservice B.V.



VDL Industrial Modules B.V.



VDL Fibertech Industries B.V.



VDL Konings B.V.



Strenght through cooperation.